How It Works


It’s Easy to Do!

Wear YOO all day as you work towards your personal goals. The NEW YOO earns points for every step you take. So what’s the catch? The OLD YOO is awarded points for every step you fall short of your goal by day’s end.

Start your YOO Challenge today

How To Play


Sync your YOO
to the YOO App
to track your activity.


Pick a YOO Challenge
and set a daily goal.
Then let the games begin!


Earn NEW YOO points by
hitting your goals and leave
OLD YOO in the dust!

The key is to keep building your lead to earn bonus points for the next Challenge

How to Win

The New YOO earns points for every step you take. But the Old YOO earns points when you miss your daily goal. So get moving and become the New YOO!

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