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How To Make Yourself A Priority

How To Make Yourself A Priority

Women typically take on the bulk of home and childcare activities, often while working a full-time job. This can take its toll over the long run, making self-care in the mental and physical realms all the more important. Being intentional about creating “me” time can help you develop a work-life balance that will serve you well. YOO can help you find ways to get a big impact from the little moments while creating enjoyable and healthy lifelong habits.

YOO Fitness Partners with CoreHealth Technologies to Bring Affordable Fitness Tracking to Millions


YOO Fitness is pleased to announce a new partnership

with CoreHealth Technologies, a leading wellness technology company, to introduce truly affordable fitness wearables to CoreHealth’s customers on their workplace wellness platform for over 3 million users globally. CoreHealth customers, and their employees and dependents participating in wellness programs, will have access to a full range of YOO Fitness devices designed to support budgets of all sizes. Read More...

More Than $150,000 in Wearable Technology


More Than $150,000 in Wearable Technology Devices to be Given Away at September 2015 Corporate Health and Wellness Association Conference -- Intel, Garmin, Polar and Jawbone to Participate

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Corporate Health and Wellness Association, the world's independent resource for corporate wellness education and industry coverage, will feature seven different wearable technology devices for wellness employers to use to compete in fitness activity challenges at the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress Conference in Orlando, FL, September 27 – 30, 2015. Read More...

Mile High Mom Reviews YOO

Mile High Mom

Be Fit and Healthy with #YOO2

Introducing the YOO2 sidekick is a great step towards better health. It gives you the push to walk farther. It counts your steps and shows how many calories you have burned. It gives you information about how much time you have actually moved during the whole day. As you are burning calories, you will know, and be inspired to move more. Read More...

Sew Fatty Review on YOO Challenge

Sew Fatty

Yoo Challenge

So, I wanted to tell you all about this Yoo Challenge App. It’s pretty awesome. (See Pictures Below) It’s a small device you wear (I wear on the side of my leggins/pants) and as you go on about your day it counts your steps and tracks calories /distance. It’s a great way to keep track of how much you’ve done in a day. Read More...

Sassy Girl Fitness Review on YOO

Sassy Girl Fitness

Yoo Fitness Challenge

What YOO has done is taken the same abilities as an activity tracker and just added a fun, game-like challenge to it. Instead of simply seeing your daily steps walked or number of calories burned in a day like other fitness trackers provide, you are now able to challenge yourself and see the points add up as you make better choices throughout the day. Read More...

Review of YOO Mini Wireless Activity Tracker by About Health

About Health

YOO Mini Wireless Activity Tracker - Review

How can you inspire yourself to build healthy new habits? YOO challenges you with a daily race between the Old YOO and the New YOO. This app-linked wireless activity tracker is available at a great price and with an easy, inspirational concept. Read More...

YOO Featured in ConsumerReports, CES 2015


YooC activity tracker makes a game out of exercise

The YooC fitness tracker, seen at CES15, pits the two "yous" against each other in a fitness challenge where the only competitor is, well, you. "Active you" earns points when you’re moving—but stay sitting too long and "inactive you" gains points. Read More...

YOO Review With The Blogtini


Keep Your New Year’s Resolution – Yoo Review

The Yoo itself (which looks very small up there, but is actually very tiny) is a small pedometer (that comes in a few different colors) that you can clip to your clothing or shoe to keep track o your steps. It syncs to your phone via Bluetooth so you can monitor your progress (you can also check it using the LED lights if your cell phone isn’t handy), but that’s not all! Read More...

YOO Tracker Featured in Mizzfit



My Yoo Tracker, which I clipped to my purse and gym bag, was the "Big Brother" looming over my every choice. So I took the stairs more, hailed less cabs and grunted out more walks in the freezing cold. I wasn't going to let my OLD YOO win although sometimes that old b*tch got the best of me. Read More...

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