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The New YOO or Old YOO. Which one will I be?
The question’s quite simple. It all up to me.
I can be great! Courageous and kind.
And challenge my body, my heart and my mind
To soar to new heights in the choices I make
And always put forth a bit more than I take.

But to SAY IT and DO IT are not always the same.
It takes some assistance to reach fortune and fame
And shine like a star and be on your game
to hit every target without losing your aim.

Why is it so hard? What’s the matter with me?
The New YOO or Old YOO. Which one will I be?

Man Stretching

Women doing Yoga

Well it starts in the morning when it’s my choice to choose…
To get up out of bed or roll over and snooze
Another ten minutes till my buzzer goes buzz
And I slam snooze again and do it because
the Old YOO’s is in charge and that’s what he does.

Unless I say NO! Today’s a NEW day!
It’s time I get up and get on my way.
Which is just what I’ll do. It’s all up to me.
The New YOO or Old YOO? Which one will I be?

Score one for the New YOO! I’m up on my feet.
And ready to WIN not merely compete!
So bring on the day! I’ll show you who’s boss!
Bring on my toothbrush. And bring on my floss!
But flossing’s a pain and it takes me too long.
So I’ll skip it this once and once isn’t wrong.
It’s my day after all and it’s all about me!
The New YOO or Old YOO? Which one will I be?

So I’ve hit a few bumps getting out of the gate
I blew off my flossing and sleeping in late
wasn’t really exactly the path I projected
But easily cured and quickly corrected
with just a slight tinker and a few minor tweaks
To fill in the gaps and plug up the leaks.

To reset my sights I’ll need my YOO Tracker
It helps me be active and less of a slacker
Which is just the right push when you’re trying to be
a Healthier, Smarter new version of me.

Man Lifting Weights

Woman Rock Climbing

And now that I’m tracking and counting my steps
I’m drinking more water and maxing out reps
At the gym because FINALLY I decided to go.
A very good choice when you’re mojo is low
which is no longer the case because I’m in tune
And the day isn’t over. It’s not even noon!

I’m so fired up! There’s no way I’ll fail.
My come-back is back! I’m on the right trail.
I’ll make all the beds. Even launder the sheets
And focus far less on Facebook and tweets
I’ll clean out my closet and dust under the sill
And I’m calling up Cable to lower my bill.
Then there’s no more TV. I’ll finish my book.
And toss out the take-out and learn how to cook.
I’ll even go for a walk and seek out the stairs.
I just needed a nudge, not major repairs.
Because sometimes it’s not so easy to see.
The New YOO inside You. The New YOO that’s me.

But the tough part to winning is sticking to plan
When the Old YOO emerges and stuff hits the fan
Which happens a lot when you listen to “can’ts”
And collapse on the couch and unbutton your pants
And dig into the ice cream and barbequed chips
And country fried chicken and chili cheese dips
which will quickly un-slim your new slimmer hips
and add unwanted padding to your thighs and your butt
and inflate the spare tire that’s tied to your gut.

And how can that happen? Wait! How can it be?
When the packaging says that it’s all sugar-free?
And loaded with fortified vitamin C?
And low-carb this and no preservative that
And deep fried in a fryer that fries without fat!
Sometimes we believe when we know it’s not true
When we struggle between our New and Old YOO.

Choose the New YOO. You can do it today.

Man Spinning

Man running in Water

No, it’s not easy. It takes care and precision
And paying attention to the smallest decision.
Because becoming the person you’ve wanted to be
doesn’t start with a forest. It starts with a tree.
It’s about motivation and creating good habits
Not fancy magicians pulling out rabbits
Or short-cuts, quick-fixes or an easy-start guide.
No, it starts and it ends with the person inside.
Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon race
So focus less on the speed and more on the pace
Inspire Yourself. And do it your way.

Choose the New YOO. You can do it today.

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