• How to Sync Your YOO®RX

    1. Make Sure your phone has A Bluetooth turned “ON”.
    2. Follow the App instructions to set up your YOO account and pair your YOORX.
    3. Once you have completed your profile on the YOO+ app you will be prompted to sync your YOORX. Your YOORX is able to sync automatically each time you open the YOO+ app but you can also sync by tapping the "Sync Device" option within the left side menu on the YOO+ app.
    4. Important: The YOORX will automatically RESET at MIDNIGHT. At that time, the data in the PREVIOUS DAY will automatically be saved. YOORX will store up to 14 days of activity so you can SYNC the wrist band & app at your convenience.

  • How to Charge the YOO®RX

    1. Your YOORX comes with a custom-designed USB charger that suctions to the underside of your YOORX with magnets.
    2. To a ach simply bring the end of the charging cable that has the two metal points on it close to the underside of your YOORX (fig. B) and the magnets will do the rest. It should nest comfortably inside the oval indentation under your YOORX.
    3. Insert the other end of the USB charger into your computer’s USB port to charge, or plug into an outlet charger if you own one. (Please note that a wall plug-in accessory is not included with your YOORX purchase).
    4. YOORX also comes with an optional hand-held charging stick. Simply insert the rounded end into the magnetic charging unit and use like a handle to making charging easier than ever.
    5. The display on the YOORX will show the ba ery icon while charging. When your YOORX is fully charged the display will indicate 100% on the ba ery level screen.
    6. Your YOORX will charge very fast. A full re-charge only takes one to two hours.
  • How to Download the App

    1. You’ll need to download the YOO App next.
    2. Go to the App Store or Google Play and download it for free. Search for YOO+ , download the app and install it.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your YOO Account. If using iOS, you must pair your YOORX to your smart phone.
    4. When se ing up an account and profile be sure to select YOORX as your YOO device.

    Important: YOORX is compatible with mobile devices that contain Bluetooth 4.0 technology. To view a list of compatible smart phones, go to: www.YooChallenge.com/compatibility

  • What Do I Need to Know About the Battery?

    YOORX uses a rechargeable ba ery and comes with a custom designed USB charger. Once you have fully charged your YOORX it should run for about a 14 days before requiring another charge.

    The length of time between charges depends on how often Smart Notifications are used and whether or not you activate the Display Auto-On feature within the YOO+ app. These optional features will shorten your ba ery life between charges.

    Low Battery Warning

    When the words “LOW BATT” appear on the display, your YOORX can still continue to record your activity for a LIMITED TIME. It’s recommended to “SYNC” the wristband immediately to update and save the data inside the unit. Then, recharge the YOORX by following the directions to avoid losing data.

    Note that a faint or blank display is also an indicator of a low battery charge.

  • HELP! My YOORX Won’t Sync

    Don’t worry. Try these steps!

    Try these troubleshooting options to fix syncing problems:

    • Turn o Bluetooth on your smart device and then turn back on
    • Charge your YOORX. Your YOORX battery may be too low to sync. Try recharging to full and then sync.
    • (For iOS users only) check Settings > Bluetooth and confirm your YOORX is connected. If not, tap to connect your RX.
    • Try a manual sync. Tap the menu icon at the top left corner of the YOO+ app. Tap “Sync Device”.
    • Try a refresh by turning your smart device o and then turn back on.

YOO®2 How To:

Download YOO User Guide

  • How to Activate Your YOO®2

    • Press and Hold the front, center button for 5 seconds. All 5 LED’s will flash.
    • Your YOO2 is now almost ready to use!
  • How to Attach the YOO®2 Clip

    • Slip YOO2 into its clip which is included in your packaging.
    • YOO2 can also be used without the clip if you prefer to store in a pocket or bra or sock.

    Important: For better accuracy be sure YOO2 is tightly secured to you and not swinging or bouncing in a pocket.

  • How to Sync YOO®2 to Your Phone

    • Make Sure your phone has Bluetooth turned “ON”.
    • Follow the App instructions to set up an account and pair your YOO2.
    • To update and view your stats, launch the YOO App and then press the front, center button on your YOO2.
    • If the sync is successful 5 LEDs will flash on your YOO2. If not 2 LEDs will flash and you will need to try again.

    Important: Your YOO2 communicates with your phone through Bluetooth Smart. To conserve battery power, your YOO2 will automatically search for a Bluetooth signal in your phone every 15 minutes to update the YOO App. To update instantly, launch the app and press the YOO2 front, center button.

  • How to Activate the Air Show Display

    YOO2 doesn’t have a traditional display but there is a cool way to view your progress and it’s called Air Show. Here’s what you do:

    1. Press the front, center button once to activate the LED lights.
    2. Hold YOO with the YOO logo facing you and perpendicular to the ground.
    3. Wave the devices from left to right and you will see your current step count appear in the air.
    4. Waving YOO to reveal your progress will NOT create false step counts.

    Important Notes: If you don’t see your step count the first time you wave your YOO2 just try again. Sometimes it takes a few tries.

  • What Do I Need to Know About the Battery?

    YOO2 uses a CR2032 3V Lithium Ion battery. Hopefully you won’t have to become a battery expert because this little guy should last over six months. If you do need a new battery you can buy one at most super markets and pharmacies.

  • Battery Replacement

    • Go to a local supermarket or pharmacy and buy a CR2032 3V Lithium Ion Battery.
    • You will need a precision Philips head screwdriver that fits 1.2mm screws.
    • Loosen the screws on the back of the device with the screwdriver to remove the cover.
    • Carefully remove the battery.
    • Insert a new CR2032 battery with the positive side (+) up.
    • Place the cover back on and tighten the screws with a screwdriver.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Here are some smart things you can do to care for YOO2.

    • Clean YOO2 with a soft dry cloth.
    • Do not use any abrasive cleansers.
    • Do not immerse YOO2 in water.
    • Store YOO2 in a safe and dry location.
    • Do not subject YOO2 to shock, extreme heat or long-term exposure to direct sunlight.
    • Remove the YOO2 battery if the device will not be used for longer than three months.

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