How To Make Yourself A Priority

Women typically take on the bulk of home and childcare activities, often while working a full-time job. This can take its toll over the long run, making self-care in the mental and physical realms all the more important. Being intentional about creating “me” time can help you develop a work-life balance that will serve you well. YOO can help you find ways to get a big impact from the little moments while creating enjoyable and healthy lifelong habits.

Start Small

It can be overwhelming to think about making sweeping personal changes all at once, so instead, focus on integrating small changes into your everyday life. Begin with blocking out 15-minute slots on your calendar throughout the day, and use the time as mini rest-and-recharge sessions. Walk around the block, employ some deep, mindful breathing exercises, or do quick stretches or chair yoga poses. You’ll soon start to look forward to these short breaks and find they’re fairly easy to work into even the most hectic days.

Feed Yourself Well

It’s so easy to grab fast food or eat on the go, but you’ll feel much better, mentally and physically, if you eat healthy, regular meals. According to Good Housekeeping, you should shop and meal prep one day a week and choose fresh fruits and produce, whole grains, and lean proteins. Get the whole family involved in the process! Take lunch to work with you as much as possible and resist the urge to skip meals when your schedule is tight. Always have healthy snacks on hand, and make water consumption a priority as well.

Make Time For Exercise

When you’re overworked and tired, exercise may feel like the last thing you want to do, but in reality, having a regular workout routine will help keep you sharp and focused. Join an exercise class, get an exercise buddy for accountability, or earmark certain days and times to walk, jog or hike. Even dancing and swimming can get your heart rate up. Exercise can energize you, help you metabolize food, reduce stress, and make you sleep better - all good things! Use a fitness tracker or app to chart your progress.

Manage Your Time

Finding a work-life balance is an essential element of time management and stress management. If you supervise others, ZenBusiness advises that you must set firm boundaries, take regular breaks just for yourself, and work remotely on occasion as a way to get solid focus time. Resist the urge to forego vacation time. Even if you take it in short increments, it will help you relax, and will actually allow you to go back to work with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh outlook.

Find Ways To Relax

We all have different ideas of what it means to “relax,” so identify yours and find ways to work it into your regular routine. According to Mindtools, you should have a standing massage appointment, download meditative mantras into your playlist, or sleep in on Sundays and have coffee in bed while you read the paper. Read a best seller cover-to-cover, spend a day browsing estate sales, or visit an upscale coffee shop and treat yourself. Do whatever makes you feel replenished, and do it often.

It’s never easy for busy women to take time for themselves, but it is essential to long term overall health and wellness. Being centered and focused makes you a better employee, boss, parent, partner and friend, so consider your self-care a gift not only to yourself but to others.

Ready to change your life in small increments? Take the YOO Challenge and start your journey!

Written by Jason Lewis

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